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Letitia Davison

Letitia was born and raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is a graduate of Chapel Hill High School and currently serves as the Vice-President of the Hannah Ruth Foundation. Her family roots go back many generations in the community. Everything and everyone in Chapel Hill and Orange county matter to her, so no one is a stranger. She is the mother of Aatia, a UNC graduate, a sister, and daughter to one of the busiest seniors in Chapel Hill. Her family is the most important thing to her; a tight-knit bunch along with her extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.


Letitia retired in January 2017 after almost 25 years of service to the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School system; Ephesus Elementary specifically, she said, “it was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I love when my former students came back as parents or new staff! Working with children each day, watching them grow, nurturing, and guiding them, and seeing how their minds work was an incredible journey." In her retirement, she has found that there are many hours in the day, so to keep busy she took on a part-time position at a mental health practice; three days a week, which she thoroughly enjoys. She also finds time during the summer months to volunteer to deliver and serve lunches to CHCCS students in the community summer lunch program.


In January 2018 she was appointed to the Town of Chapel Hill Housing Advisory Board, where she was able to use her knowledge and a strong passion to help find affordable housing and more housing options for homeless and working families in the community. She remarks; “It is a very difficult position to be in if you do not have a clean, safe, suitable, and reasonably priced place to lay your head each night”. She also recalls having a conversation a few years ago, with one of our town and community leaders, Mama Dip Council. Mama Dip said in so many words, “if you want to see a change, you and your generation got to stick your head out there and make it happen.” Letitia, ever thankful for that conversation because it gave her the courage to take a leap of faith. As many of you know, we lost Mama Dip recently but hopes she can see that her advice did not fall on deaf ears.


Letitia vows to continue to serve the seniors and students of this community with her whole heart.

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