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Dolores H. Clark

Dolores is a retired pediatric nurse.  She is the daughter of Ruth of the Hannah Ruth Foundation, and the mother of four children, her oldest Lorie; is the CEO and the Founder of the Hannah Ruth Foundation. She was a nurse at Chapel Hill Pediatrics where she nurtured and cared for youth in the community. She along with Dr. Charles Scheaffer started an after-hours clinic for residents of Ridgefield (now S. Estes), which they operated for over 15 years. She is very involved in her community and church and started the Youth Christian Fellowship Ministry at First Baptist Church and has served in various outreach community ministries.


Dolores finds pleasure in working with the Missionary Ministry, Vacation Bible School, Usher Ministry, and the Feeding Ministry. She is also a lifelong member of the Chapel Hill Service League, volunteers at the Seymour Senior Center, Church Women United, North Carolina Association of Retired Seniors, and various boards with the Town of Carrboro. 

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