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Laila Bradford

Laila is not only a loving wife and mother of two but also a behind-the-scenes activist in her community. She works as the Apple Server Administrator for the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School District. When she is not working for the school, she is planning, organizing, decorating. And loves making jewelry. For over 20 years she has been an event planner from fundraisers to weddings and involved in Community Connections, The Hannah Ruth Foundation, and the Single Mom Ministry.


Laila is a strong advocate for the kids and parents in her community and promotes the importance of technology use in classrooms and at home.  For several years, she has opened her home twice a week for students to engage in technology resources, mentoring, and study hall. Laila is the founder of the annual “Back To School Book Bag Drive” serving over 75 families a year. The founder of Creative S.W.A.G “Sisters With A Goal” which she organized in 2010. A “Den Mother” to the Elliott Woods community for over 17 years. This organization of 15 youth girls, from elementary to high school, focuses on building community and individuality through exposure to different experiences and obtaining personal goals. This group of girls has created a powerful sisterhood that supports and encourages each other through weekly meetings for projects and outreach programs, participates in the Moral March, visiting the Nelson Mandela Exhibit, and the American Dance Festival, as well as an educational trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks.


Many in the community call Laila "Mommy Laila", which is exactly what she is; a mother, a comforter, a nurturer, and a strong believer in having a servant’s heart-to give freely.

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